Taster days in arboriculture and forestry

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Taster days in arboriculture and forestry – a first step alternative to training courses to become a tree surgeon

Providing you information to enable a clearer decision on training or career transition

Are you considering training to embark on a career within tree management? Are you unsure whether this is the right decision for you?

Fear not, you may have found a solution to provide you with the answers that you need.

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Taster days – in summary

A taster day is just that- a window into a new career with minimal commitment necessary. The aim of the day is to provide insight so individuals can make informed choices regarding embarking on a new venture.

Considering a new venture

Embarking on a new career or job can be triggered by many different factors. You may be uninspired by your current job, your current job might not support your current life choices or the lifestyle you desire, or your current job may have been drastically changed or been removed altogether by the global pandemic. There are so many other reasons, but whatever yours, rest assured in the knowledge you are not alone. Who hasn’t had at least a fleeting thought as to how a different job could impact their life?

Challenges involved and approaches to a new job or career

Making a career change or setting out to pursue that dream job is not always an easy process. The first challenge is finding that job that is right for you and the second is to make it happen and ultimately find employment or a career. Often one of the big obstacles in finding a new job is the unknowns, and rest assured you are not alone if you are thinking along similar lines to these common questions- ‘How do I know whether I will enjoy this job’, ‘do I have any transferable skills’ and ‘what will be involved in getting started or transitioning’.

The reality is, some relevant training may be required, or pursuing a job without training or direct relevant experience before these questions are answered. Both routes can be problematic. Training can be a substantial commitment, both in terms of time dedication and financial commitment. Alternatively, employment is likely to be limited by lack of relevant training or experience. This may influence the rung of the ladder that is accessible or may even prevent getting started.

A taster day- an alternative solution

arb systems Taster days in arboriculture and forestry 2023

At Arbsystem we believe that a taster day in arboriculture and forestry is a good alternative to either committing to training or seeking employment with limited training or experience for some people. This is especially the case for people who want more information prior to committing to training. Looking at arboriculture, although the amount of training to get started is relatively small in comparison to other industries, the initial tree surgeon courses still involve a level of time and financial commitment that for some will need careful consideration. We believe these initial tree surgeon courses are a relatively cost effective and very good investment for those that go on to work within tree management. However, for those who are unsure or find that commitment difficult, a one-day taster day may provide the information needed to commit to training, seek employment prior to training or decide that tree management industries are not for them.

What is involved in this taster day

This taster day is a 1-day experience in which people considering embarking on a new career can gain a good insight into tree management industries. The day will include presentations and practical demonstrations, with lots of opportunities to get involved with practical activities and to ask questions to the Arbsystem industry professionals leading the day. These professionals have extensive experience, and some have also been through career transition, so we have first-hand experience to pass on to others looking to train and transition. The main focus of the day will be the initial entry points of tree management employment, such as practical arboriculture and forestry roles, but will also cover future stepping stones such as managing or starting your own tree management company, consultancy and other roles connected to tree management such as conservation and ecology.  The day will include possible routes into different parts of the industry, and at Arbsystem we can support that future development by directly providing training or linking individuals to employers. Our industry experience and contacts mean that we understand the needs of employers and employees and like helping to link those two groups. We are regularly aware of tree surgeon jobs and other vacancies.

Getting in touch with Arbsytem

If you are interested in being informed of any upcoming taster days, then please send us an email using the email subject ‘Tree management taster day’ to: info@arbsystem.co.uk ;

Please include your name and your contact details and any other background information you wish to provide, and we will follow up your email as soon as possible.

Alternatively, if you feel ready to book your training, please check out the website for available courses. Also, look out for our upcoming blog- ‘How to train to become a tree Surgeon’, which will provide further guidance.