Chainsaw Maintenance and Crosscutting Training

NPTC/City and Guilds Certification

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Chainsaw maintenance and crosscutting training NPTC Unit 201 (formerly CS30) – a great starting point for arboriculture companies building their workforce, aspiring tree surgeons who are retraining in a new industry, or individuals wanting to deal with their own fallen trees.

The arrival of the keenly anticipated spring weather has coincided with an increased demand for our chainsaw maintenance and crosscutting training.

However, it is more likely that the recent high wind event- storm Eunice and the storm that appears to be calming (namely COVID- 19) is the reason behind the increased training attendance, not the increasing temperatures. However, the sunshine and lack of rain certainly makes working outside that bit more enjoyable!

Storm Eunice created unusually high wind speeds in the south of England that resulted in many consequences, including tree failures. Those failures have inevitably had a knock-on effect in the tree management industries and for individual landowners. Another factor that has seen an increased number of people seeking training is the effects of the pandemic.

Arboriculture and Forestry companies

The increased necessity for industry professionals to clear fallen trees or manage trees that have been affected by the high winds has led to employers taking on more staff and more opportunities for employees.

Individuals looking to retrain

Individuals looking to retrain through the pandemic has resulted in more people finding work within tree management. The pandemic has forced many changes upon us but has also given us the opportunity to reflect. These enforced changes and the reflection on how we want to live and work, has meant many have found a new focus and new employment industries, including arboriculture and forestry. The relative stability of jobs that involve lots of outside working during the last few years, coupled with the increased importance placed upon trees in our society, means for some there has never been a better time to work with trees.

Landowners who are keen to get involved

The results of storm Eunice and the increased time in our own homes has led individuals to want to get involved with managing their own land and trees. This may be through learning how to use a chainsaw for the first time, to safely process a fallen tree. (To clarify, in this case a ‘fallen tree’ is a fractured tree or tree that has fallen and is not attached to its root plate- as dealing with root plate attached trees require ‘windblown tree’ training). Alternatively, this may be someone who has already been using a chainsaw but would like to update their understanding of how to use and maintain it safely and effectively.

chainsaw maintenance crosscutting training

This two-day course may be the next important step that you require in your journey. It is valuable in its own right, is a key starting point in tree management industries and can lead on to many other skills, like learning how to fell a tree in our- small tree felling Unit 203 (formerly CS31). This felling course is also linked with the chainsaw maintenance and crosscutting course for those who would like to combine the two courses.

At Arbsystem we enjoy doing more than solely providing training courses. Our industry experience and professional links, along with our personal backgrounds, means we are equipped to go beyond delivering engaging, informative courses. Our varied and wide-ranging experience means that we are aware of the needs of the home or occasional chainsaw user. Some members of our team have been through career transition, so we have first-hand experience to pass on to others retraining. Also, our industry experience and contacts mean that we understand the needs of employers and employees and like helping to link those two groups, who need each other to succeed and progress.

Whatever the stage of your journey, or your requirements- we are here to support, guide and assist you. Feel free to take a look at our training courses, including our Chainsaw Maintenance and Crosscutting course or drop us an email at: to discuss any questions you may have in person.

We love hearing stories about your journey and experiences working with trees, so please share your story by sending us an email at We would love to discuss sharing your story to inspire others. Once we find the time to share another blog, we will post the story of one of our team who found arboriculture from the most unlikely of previous industries!

Tree management taster day

We are looking at running taster days for people considering training to work within tree management industries. This taster day would provide an informative window into tree management industries prior to committing to training. If you are interested in being informed of any such training, then please send us an email at: using the email subject ‘Tree management taster day’.

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